The economic times place real difficulty on the non-profit organizations that serve and assist the less fortunate in our community.  Year after year, our employees have contributed both time and funds to various foundations to help them with their important mission to enhance the lives of those in need and to improve our community.

March 2019 we conducted our eleventh annual golf tournament to benefit St. Michael’s Special School.  Our relationship with St. Michael’s spans over twenty+ years.  In 2008, we completed their new classroom expansion and in 2010, we built a new playground on their school campus.  Our golf tournament has created donations averaging $30,000 to $50,000 per year. To date, we have reached a total contribution of over $400,000! The next event will be held April 2, 2020.  We will have event flyers available and again invite you to support this cause through sponsorships and participation.  If you are interested in participating in our golf tournament, please contact Ms. Erin Shaw by email at

Our partnership with Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans (VOA) has spanned many years.  We have been a proud sponsor for their annual golf tournament dedicated to specifically assist their adoption program, which has been a mutual success.  Through this program, many children in our community have been placed with welcoming parents.  The placement of these children, as well as those in foster programs, has allowed so many of them to overcome numerous obstacles in life.  In addition, several of our employees, friends, and business associates have been working with VOA’s new program, “Reach for the Stars”. Each year the program has hundreds of business leaders and friends support this ongoing fundraiser to bridge the VOA financial gap.  VOA tends to the lives of over 60,000 people in our community.  The budget cuts on the State and Federal levels have left a major shortfall in their annual budget. Through programs such as Reach for the Stars, the entire community can participate with any means affordable to help bridge these budget cuts.  This breakfast program is held every May.  We welcome our friends and business partners to join us at our tables to help support this important program.

Employees of our firm also participate in the local New Orleans Chapter of the ACE Mentoring Program. This program works with inner city schools to expose high school juniors and seniors to architectural, construction, and engineering fields. Each class has mentors from all elements of the design/construction fields working during the school year on a specific project. We welcome your participation and sponsorship for this program. If interested, please email Mr. Maro T. Hihar at

For several years, our employees, along with a corporate match, have made annual contributions to The United Way. During this time, we contributed thousands of dollars to support their efforts in the Greater New Orleans area.  These funds support activities that create opportunities for a good life for all members of our community by investing in programs that target community needs. The United Way works to provide a coordinated response so we can have a healthy quality of life, a strong workforce, and brighter economic future.

Several years ago, we partnered with NOLA City Bark to provide management services, as well as contributions to the New Orleans City Park.  We were successful in completing the first dog park in the New Orleans area.  The facility features separate sections for large and small dogs, a wade pool, concrete walk paths, dog wash areas, restrooms and a comfortable environment for both animal and owner.  The collaborative effort between our firm, NOLA City Bark and City Park produced a much needed facility for our community.

We thank our employees, friends, and business partners who have been the real players that have made all of these programs a success.  Just like we work daily to improve our corporation, we expend the same effort to enhance and improve the quality of life in our community.  All of these funds, every dollar, goes directly to each nonprofit.

It is our hope that you will help us keep the charity and services of these important and valuable entities alive for the sake of improving the quality of life and building a better community for all.