Investar Bank

New Orleans, Louisiana

Owner:  Investar Bank
Architect:  Yeates and Yeates Architects, LLC
Physical Location:  4401 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130
Project Manager: Dyllon Basiloy

We are kicking off a renovation/addition project for Investar Bank. The existing bank is located at the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Napoleon in New Orleans and will be completely renovated on the interior. The renovated lobby will include four offices with 10’ high floor-to-ceiling glass walls opening to the lobby. The addition will provide increased functionality for Investar and their customers. The new façade will match the existing. The added space will include new staff areas such as teller offices, a break room, and additional offices. A new HVAC system will be installed along with modified plumbing and new fixtures. The scope also includes new electrical, special systems, and lighting. The project in projected to be complete by April of 2020. We are excited to work with Investar Bank and Yeates and Yeates Architects on this project.