Pre-Construction Services

F. H. Myers’ PreConstruction Services team represents a combined 70 years of experience, which guarantees clients a fast, efficient process, overseen by seasoned professionals.

A growing number of property owners and architectural and engineering firms are hiring the F. H. Myers PreConstruction Services team to work on their building projects. They are being engaged to ensure realistic scheduling and constructability services for all types of projects; for assistance in reviewing plans and coordinating design elements among different trades; for detailed budget estimates and Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules; and for F. H. Myers’ efficient, well-informed recommendations that ultimately help decrease cost overruns, unexpected change orders, and construction delays.

In the end, property owners and architectural and engineering firms are hiring F. H. Myers PreConstruction Services so that they can focus more on developing excellent, accurate designs and deliver successful projects – all of the time.

The Process

Cost Estimating After each phase, the F. H. Myers team calculates anticipated project costs in order to confirm the budget. The team also provides alternatives and solutions to reduce cost, expedite construction time and avoid rebids.

“F. H. Myers’ PreConstruction / estimating services allow for many things: Realistic considerations to assist in establishing project scope and overall budget; periodic updates for the estimated construction costs, throughout the various stages of the A/E’s design process; evaluation of costs associated with the A/E – proposed construction materials and methods, while providing an opportunity to find cost-control alternatives early in the project; and professional peace of mind for the Owner and A/E Design professional. With F. H. Myers PreConstruction/estimating services, there are no ‘surprises’ resulting from the competitive Bid Process.”
– an Architectural Client

Scheduling The F. H. Myers PreConstruction Services team can provide an overall process schedule, including site selection, design team selection, plan development, permitting, and contractor selection. The team is also prepared to provide detailed construction schedules indicating critical path and milestones.

Construction Document Review F. H. Myers’ PreConstruction Services team reviews drawings and specifications before the project is released for bid. The team’s well-trained eyes can pinpoint design conflicts and coordination issues. In several projects, the team has caught long lead items that could easily be pre-ordered, helping the client avoid delays in material procurement and ultimately, avoid delays in the overall project schedule. The F. H. Myers PreConstruction Services team also stays in close contact with materials suppliers and subcontractors. This constant contact keeps the team current with industry trends and technology. As a result, every project that has been value engineered by the F. H. Myers PreConstruction Services team has proceeded to construction with a considerable savings to the client.

Feasibility Study The F. H. Myers PreConstruction Services team can confirm that the intended project and land acquisition costs are truly within owner’s budget. The team also assists in the process of selecting a financial institution.

Design Team Selection Team estimators meet with the client to fully understand their ultimate goal. All aspects of the project are covered: Budget; design; site; schedule; and team communications. The team also leads/assists the client in the interview process to determine the best fit based upon the project requirements.

Consider Starting Your Next Project with a Tight Rein on the Budget.

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